Week 14 recap & tallies

I started off week 14 with a 6-mile run-walk Monday on a city running tour in Honolulu. I forgot to pause it during miles 2 and 5 when we stopped for snacks and photos, so the time is screwy. My shin was sore, so I popped some Motrin and did a lot of pre-run stretching. I got through! I also found a rainbow (above my sweaty head).


At the end of week 14, I got in another 6 miles: to the park, around the park, and home… but I had to walk most of the last mile… my right calf cramped badly and my right foot was completely numb. It didn’t help that my watch face froze most of the run, then wouldn’t allow me to click done after. So I took a photo of it for the blog. Overall, I felt good during most of the run, keeping about a 12-minute pace until I walked.


I’m making progress though: 2.5 months ago I couldn’t run a half mile. Aches and pains are all part of the process, right? The black tee is my post-run mood lately… lol.

This week, I also got my new 2018 planner. 2017 has been amazing… now, it’s time to get cracking on next year with my new planner from May Designs.



Here’s my tally for the last 3 weeks:


Week 12: 6 miles ran

Week 13: 2 miles ran (the shin sidelined me)

Week 14: 12.2 miles ran/walked

18 days til next 5K

67 days til FIRST 10K

107 days til Half-Marathon –> I’m running for St. Jude, support me!

Massages for runners

lower-back-massage_4460x4460Knowing that I was planning on pushing it at the race on Sunday, I had already scheduled a 2-hour massage at Massage Envy later in the week. I’m glad I did, because immediately after the 5k, my left hip started aching — even when I walked (the leg is my good leg, so it was probably compensating for my right).

Two days later, I walked in for my massage, still with an achy hip. I had a masseuse I’ve never tried before, but by the time he pushed, pulled, stretched and kneaded, my hip was pain-free. My gluts, sacrum and IT Band were apparently the problem spots.

I was supposed to have a run that day, but I skipped as not to jack myself up again so soon after being realigned. I’m glad I did… because by that night, I was super sore from all the kneading (especially when sitting down on my gluts!).

Today, that soreness is gone, and I feel really good. But, all of this led me to look up what other runners think about massage and how they use it in their training programs.

This article from Competitor outlines the four best massages for runners: Active Release Technique, Swedish massage, Trigger Point, and Deep Tissue massage (I am pretty sure he used at least 3 of these 4 techniques with me on Tuesday). In the article, Coach Jeff gives great advice on when to schedule massages and how often:

If you’re able to afford it, getting a monthly or weekly massage can help prevent injuries by catching tight areas before they become problematic. If it isn’t possible to fit a recurring massage into your schedule (or budget), consider getting one or two during your hardest training block or if you’re doing a lot of speed work, which tends to elicit injuries that can be treated by massage, like tight hamstrings or hips.

QUESTION — Do YOU incorporate massage into your training regimen? And if so, when do you schedule them, and how often?

Florida Days 5 & 6: Water parks & Magic Kingdom

We finished off the weekend at Seaworld’s Aquatica Water Park and Magic Kingdom.

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I did OK with low-carb over the weekend… lots of salads, at least until last night’s dinner at Bonefish Grill (yum!). I had seared ahi tuna for appetizer and lobster tail with scallops and double vegetable instead of the other carb-y sides.

did have a small piece of Mom’s funnel cake today at Magic Kingdom which was DE-lightful!


Unfortunately, I missed doing my squats last night. But, given the fact that I walked about 9-10 miles between the two days and walked 20 flights of stairs according to Garmin (all of those tall water slides!), I honestly don’t feel so bad.

Tonight, I’m slated for 85 squats, plus 85 sit ups and 40 pushups. Tomorrow, starts week 3!



Another 1.5 miles in the bank!

Another good run today. This time in the new kicks. No pain, but i could feel that my “bad” ankle was getting a workout today. The girlfriend from Monday ran with me again today, which was nice. I could tell that this 1.5 miles was a lot easier on us than Monday’s run. Progress!


I also noticed that my max heart rate today was not as high as my very first 1.5 mile run-walk-run. More progress!

Today's heart rate
Today’s heart rate along the 1.5 mile run.
Initial run heart rate
My heart rate on the first 1.5 mile run-walk-run I did.

I treated myself to a matinee with a girlfriend after, but not before a strawberry protein shake and my usual hot water soak with my favorite two products (I swear by them… the only way I can walk after pushing myself like this) — CVS Muscle Relief and Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak.


What’s YOUR post-run routine?

My first run

I ran today!

Yesterday, I found a novice 5K training plan that seemed manageable (Hal Higdon’s) and realistically plotted it out on my calendar based on my work/travel schedule… with the final week ending on the week of the Hot Chocolate 5K Chicago. So, it will be 11 weeks of training instead of 8.

This is the plan as Hal Higdon has it:


However, I didn’t feel I could run 1.5 miles straight, being so out of shape and given the weak ankle. So, I decided to start this training plan during the week of August 14th, and between now and then, run/walk 1.5 miles until I can run the whole thing.

So today, I ran 1/2 mile, walked 1/2 mile, then ran 1/2 mile. I had some tightness in my “good” ankle when I switched to walking, but it went away by the end of the night.