Up to 5k distance & mug recipes

Despite not getting much quality sleep last night — my Garmin says I got 48 minutes of deep sleep and 5 hours of light sleep — I pushed myself to meet up with a girlfriend to run 3.1 miles at Liberty State Park this morning. This was the fastest pace (12:38min/mile) I’ve held for more than a mile off-treadmill in the past 6 weeks!


The skyline was still beautiful today, even with the overcast. But, I could’ve done without side-stepping the geese poop on the trail!

I’ve also become interested in these microwave mug recipes I’ve been seeing lately. I tried this one recently, but made a few tweaks to keep it low-carb. I used low-carb wheat bread, and regular eggs (I didn’t have egg whites). I also skipped the banana (carbs!), so I topped it with strawberries and blueberries. It came out pretty yummy!